Best project management softwares for freelancers

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productiveteam :- productiveteam is one of the few tools that can help individuals starting out a new business or even long term and old businesses looking to improve there teams productivity

It’s very important for freelancers to keep track of each and every job they have picked up along with keeping track of each client that’s currently working with them so they can completely there deliverables on time and invoice there customers without any delay

This is exactly what productiveteam helps with it, we provide you with the best tools to check your progress along with pending deliverables for the client and even invoicing could be done here.

Visme :- Visme is an graphic designing tools that helps with building graphs, charts, presentations,  infographics and what not.

freelancers are an one man army and that’s the reason why we are recommending visme as it allows multiple tools for creating graphics in one place. it’d also equally important for freelancers to collaborate with there clients so visme’s readily available cloud solution helps with doing the same where a person can be changed simultaneously, helping both freelancers and clients at the same time.

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